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Blog Posts I’ve Been Reading – Installment #1

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Blogging is an interesting thing. For one, it’s considered a “side hustle” for me, though it’s a full-time job for many. And even though it’s a hobby for me, it feels like a full-time job sometimes with all the social media stuff, content creation, reading and learning, etc…

My favorite part so far about being a blogger is connecting with bloggers and other people alike from across the world. I haven’t been getting as much traffic to this site as I’d like until recently and I contribute a majority of that to interacting with people that are in the personal finance profession or who are at least interested in it. With that, I’ve been getting to know other bloggers and have engaged with them on their blog or through person emails. Not only have I learned a ton from them, I’ve also found myself reshaping how I think about a variety of topics – which I think is the most important part about life – personal growth.

Blog Posts I’ve Been Reading

There are a few blogs/bloggers that I’ve been fortunate enough to engage with the most and who have taught me a lot of the past few months. Here’s my list of blog posts I’ve been reading:

Finance for Geek

Recent Post: Creating A Budget – Four Facts Before Taking A Leap

Enough is enough. Your debts are spiraling out of control. Your savings are going down every day. Click To Tweet

In the latest Finance For Geek post, the guest post describes the difficulties of effectively managing a budget. It discusses 4 facts about budgeting to make it easier to create and stick to. My favorite part of this post is the admission of failure. This article talks about how mistakes are going to happen and the best thing you can do is position yourself for success through recognizing these 4 facts.

The Pennies We Saved

Recent Post: 4 Reasons Why I Still Use Credit Cards While Paying off Debt

For me, credit cards are not all that bad. I think it simply comes down to how a consumer is able to manage them – responsibly.Click To Tweet

This post outlines Danielle’s approach to using credit cards even though she’s in debt. There are obvious benefits in terms of rewards which are major perks for those looking to utilize them for travelling or cash back for paying down that bill.

The Frugal Gene

Recent Post: “I am a Bad Toilet Person.” {Q&A: Hosting on AirBnB} – Part 2/2

The entire AirBnB sham-bang has been a wild ride.Click To Tweet

In her second post in here AirBnB series, Lily talks through her experience setting up and managing her AirBnB which brings in $50,000 per year. This is a fairly extensive article outlining how to be successful from the start. Lily ultimately is trying to convince those that are afraid to start their own AirBnB that it’s definitely worth it!

Zero Day Finance

Recent Post: How Much Money Does Your Emergency Fund Really Need?

Emergencies are always waiting to strike. It could be weather or a job loss.Click To Tweet

In this post, David first engages with twitter users to gauge how much they believe should be in an emergency fund. He outlines his thoughts on starting with the emergency emergency fund of $1,000 then building it from there.

Don’t forget to check out other posts at each of these blogs, they truly are fantastic!

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Along with these blogs, check out some of my favorite books:

Book Review: Set For Life By Scott Trench

Must Read Books For Every Personal Finance Beginner

Do you have any blog posts you’ve really enjoyed recently?

-My Strategic Dollar

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  1. You’re right about blogging becoming a full time job! I’m finding it really addictive to boot so it’s easy to spend hours on it, especially with so many great bloggers out there. Thanks for the list and adding to my reading.

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  2. Nice list! I really liked the Zero Day Finance article you linked to. As we prepare to move into our home in a few months, bulking up our EF is on our list of things to do, and it’s always interesting to hear people’s perspectives on how much one should have saved up. Obviously you’ll never agree with everybody but definitely good reading!

    I think I’m going to start doing these roundups also, I really like it when other bloggers do them and it can serve as a great reference for me later!

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      Definitely! Owning a home and implementing the correct EF is important.

      I look forward to seeing your reading lists!

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