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 aEach week, I scavenge the interwebs in search of awesome content. My weekly reading roundup is a compilation of my favorite content from the previous week. This content inspires me to continue the grind and move forward both in my personal finance goals and with this blog. Additionally, I hope these posts provide perspective to all my readers that financial freedom is possible. 

Here’s a round-up of my favorite posts:


Recent Post: Negative Net Worth to over $500,000 in 4 Years

Do not let society put you in a box. The only place you will find success before (hard) work is in the dictionary.Click To Tweet

This is by FAR one of my favorite posts of the past week, or even more. Guy On FIRE gives great detail about his process of graduating college with 5 figures of debt to having over $500,000 in net worth. In fact, this article demonstrates the techniques outlined in Book Review: Set For Life by Scott Trench. It proves that through frugality, side hustles and persistence through adversity, that FIRE is possible!

Physician On Fire

Recent Post: Four Rules I Followed To Get Wealthy

I guess we’re rich now. It’s not a huge surprise. As a resident, we made a plan to get rich. We then followed it.Click To Tweet

Though this is a Physician On Fire post, White Coat Investor takes us through a throwback post about the 4 rules he follows that have allowed him to amass wealth. It’s a classic that I remember reading when it was released back in August 2016. What I remember the most about this post is where I was in my life at that time. I was only a year removed from driving a BMW and starting to understand the impact that had on my finances. I owned one home and wasn’t maxing out my 401K. Now, I’m building a second home and prepping my first as a full-time rental, maxing out my 401K, contributing to my IRA and have since opened 2 additional investments and consistently invest. I’m only starting to accumulate assets and invest and I plan to continue at an accelerated pace.

My Money Wizard

Recent Post: The Disturbing Truth About the World’s Economies

When the clouds clear and the sun comes out, those who prepared today will emerge stronger than ever.Click To Tweet

This was a PHENOMENAL post detailing the similarities between what’s happening in the economy today and what was happening prior to the 2007-2008 crash. From all-time high household income to enormous student loan debt, to $1.1 trillion in auto loans. The signs of a crash are there. BUT DON’T PANIC. Market crashes are prime opportunities to buy low and watch the returns come.

Married With Money

Recent Post: Seven Things We’ve Done To Improve Our Finances in 2017

we’ll keep our eyes peeled for opportunities to earn more, spend less, and be sure to enjoy ourselves along the way.Click To Tweet

Dave outlines steps they have taken to improve their finances and accelerate their pace forward. It’s been a busy and expensive year mainly due to getting laid off, getting married and being in the process of building a home. While all this was going on, they hunkered down, created a plan and stuck to it.

Navigating Adulthood

Recent Post: How We Maintain A $280 Monthly Grocery Budget For 2 People In Boston

It’s admittedly too easy to spend a ton of money on food because you literally eat the evidence.Click To Tweet

Ying outlines her process for what seems damn near impossible to me – keeping groceries below $280 a month in BOSTON. I’ve been to Boston and I can tell you that can’t be easy. My favorite part about this article is the focus on reducing the amount of meat they eat in an effort to lower the budget. Meat is probably the most expensive part of my meals as well. What I realized was that I didn’t need to eat 40, 50, 60 grams of protein – my body can’t even handle it…

The Frugal Gene

Recent Post: Public Bus Safety Tips (From a Lifetime Expert)

Buses are un-glamorous. Slow. Inconvenient. But so darn easy and economical in comparison to..other modes of transit!Click To Tweet

If you haven’t heard of Lily over at The Frugal Gene, go check her out. She’s got one of the most unique blogging voices I’ve ever read and her real-life advice and experiences speak to a wide variety of audiences. This post provides some candid advice on how to have a resting bitch face (😑) along with other helpful tips for being safe on public transportation.

Mustard Seed Money


How do you want your money movie to end?...what you do with your mortgage can dramatically affect your outcome.Click To Tweet

In this MSM post,  Just Making Cents breaks down the difference between good and bad debt and the impact of paying off your mortgage early. I loved reading through the analysis given on the impact on debt (aka leverage) on one’s financial situation over time. 


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What blog posts have you enjoyed recently?

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