blog posts I've been reading installment 2

Blog Posts I’ve Been Reading – Installment #2

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Blog Posts I’ve Been Reading

Blogging is an interesting thing. For one, it’s considered a “side hustle” for me, though it’s a full-time job for many. And even though it’s a hobby for me, it feels like a full-time job sometimes with all the social media stuff, content creation, reading, and learning, etc…

My favorite part so far about being a blogger is connecting with bloggers and other people alike from across the world. I haven’t been getting as much traffic to this site as I’d like until recently and I contribute a majority of that to interacting with people that are in the personal finance profession or who are at least interested in it. With that, I’ve been getting to know other bloggers and have engaged with them on their blog or through personal emails. Not only have I learned a ton from them, I’ve also found myself reshaping how I think about a variety of topics – which I think is the most important part of life – personal growth.

Here’s the list of blog posts I’ve been reading:

Your Money Your Freedom

Recent Post: How To Start A Freelance Business Without Any Experience

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This is an awesome informational article about how Diane started a freelance side hustle from scratch. Now she’s kicking butt and taking names!

The Millennial Budget

Recent Post: How to Build a Dividend Portfolio on Google Sheets

Tracking your portfolio is one of the most exciting parts of investing. Click To Tweet

This is an awesome post about how to create a link between Yahoo Finance API to view your portfolio in one view. Stefan goes into a good amount of detail on how to do this and it’s awesome!

Apathy Ends

Recent Post: Action = Results: Q2 2017 Net Worth Update

Let’s strip off our financial clothes and take a look at the bare bum numbers!Click To Tweet

This is an impressive update from Mr. AE about meeting their goals while introducing a new kiddo to the world and having a wife taking 60% of her income. I love the style of writing that’s both informative and fun.

The Mastermind Within

Recent Post: The Mastermind Within Goals Check-in – June 2017

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This post comes from Jake, Henry, and Erik as they update us on their progress towards some lofty goals for 2017.

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Along with these blogs, check out some of my favorite books:

Book Review: Set For Life By Scott Trench

Must Read Books For Every Personal Finance Beginner

What blog posts have you enjoyed recently?

-My Strategic Dollar

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  1. Yeah it’s a good outlet. Blogging is very therapeutic for me so it doesn’t really feel like work. And this community has been great. I love reading everyone’s posts and getting to know them as well.

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  2. Thanks for this list, Lance. I’m new to the world of blogging myself. Looking to find other great blogs like yours to read!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog as well as those you’ve shared above.


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      Thanks for stopping by! I’m trying to do these every week, so hopefully I’ll introduce you to many other blogs!

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