Consistent Persistence Is The Key To Millennial Happiness

Consistent Persistence Is The Key To Millennial Happiness

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You’ll never be happy if you accept life exactly for what it is. As a millennial, I’ve had to fight against the mental state instilled in me through the “everyone’s a winner” mindset that was for some reason thrown our way.

Did our parents treat us too gently to understand adversity? How many times have you been scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and been offended by something someone said? It happens to me all the time. In fact, I’ve generally just stopped interacting with people that post comments that I disagree with because it ultimately leads to nothing. How many times do you have to get in a meaningless fight with someone you barely know that ends in deleting each other on social media platforms for you to realize nothing comes of it? I used to do that.

I’m a staunch supporter of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, I believe black lives matter, I support the Asian community, I believe in immigration in its proper form, I love and support my Muslim brothers and sisters and ultimately feel that everyone should live their life as they choose. I know I forgot some subsets of society and that’s not intentional. I’m sure this support will piss off some of my readers and that’s ok. I’m ok with a good disagreement and open to that discussion.

Has Society Softened Us?

Many people would say that we get too upset about nothing. I disagree. I think millennials are the most accepting generation yet and are willing to stand up for the things we believe in. Maybe the “everyone’s a winner” effort by our parents led to us believe that people are all equal and we should love love and support each other? Maybe the invasion of social platforms has opened our eyes to different types of people, different lifestyles and that’s sensitized us? Or maybe that same social interaction has taught us that we are all weird and odd and like different things but we’re all the same in the end? I like to think we are better for our enhanced level of interactions socially.

Millennials Are Quick To Clap Back

The issues we are facing in society aren’t much different than any other generation on the scale of growth necessary for society to move forward. We’ve been struggling to provide equal pay for equal work for women and minorities for centuries. We’ve been fighting to acknowledge the black community as equal parts, not 3/5ths a person for centuries. Many people before us have fought for causes equally as important as we are now.

Millennials are much more vocal in their support of these issues publicly than other generations it seems. That’s something I’m proud of.

Student Loans Are Crippling

With student loan debt in the trillions, many millennials are struggling just to keep up with their finances and that can crush your soul. But it’s our own fault. Many of us just make decisions willy-nilly not thinking about the consequences. Student loans are one of those things. From my own personal experience, I had no idea the impact of the student loans I was taking out when I was applying for them. I had no idea I’d be paying over $1200 a month just to pay for my education. 😑

Consistent Persistence Is The Key To Millennial Happiness (1)

Life Can Really Get You Down

The world can really beat the crap out of you if you aren’t careful. I’ve found myself down on society and struggling to keep face in the wake of adversity.

The constant reminders that you are constantly fighting diversity sucks. You’re:

1) broke

2) student loan crippled

3) not building net worth because you’re paying down debt

4) not making enough progress in your careers

5) stuck

Persistence Wins Every Time

If you’ve made it this far into this post, you’re probably thinking WTF is this guy talking about? I’m sorry for that. I’m sure this post isn’t incredibly clear. I’ve found myself down on life and society. I’ve been pushing towards something better for many years and have made a lot of progress. At the same time, everything I mentioned above crushes me every day. That’s difficult. And I’m sure this is all no different than anybody else’s struggles. That doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult.

Student loan payments. Paying down other debt. Dealing with my real estate investments. Working the 9-5. Trying to make the right financial decisions. Being frugal but not cheap. Trying to love openly and honestly without reserve or judgment. Trying to push away the negative thoughts on the news. These all take a toll on your body and mind.

You Have To Take a Break And Recharge

I needed to take a break from everything so I decided to take a trip with a few friends to Spain to decompress. What I learned is that life is shitty. Life is cruel, mean and rude. Life can kick your ass and keep you down.

I’ve also learned that while all these things exist and are true, I’ve been able to make it through with persistence. Happiness doesn’t come easy. Happiness is putting in constant effort to love and support your friends. Happiness is analyzing your decisions and making the ones that align with your thoughts and beliefs. Happiness is challenging yourself to learn and be better. Happiness is perseverance through shitty times. Happiness is discipline. Happiness is flexibility.

Happiness is the constant march towards your goals and pushing through adversity and challenges. Happiness is persistence.

-My Strategic Dollar

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  1. Persistence is definitely a requisite for happiness, I agree. I don’t know that I’d go as far as to say that life is mean 🙂 but I understand the sentiment you were going for there.

    Ultimately the only person responsible for your happiness is you. Sometimes you get dealt shit cards. That’s just how it is. You can give up, or you can push through it and learn from the shit cards and come out the other side better for it.

    There’s a lesson in every bad situation. Sometimes those lessons aren’t obvious…sometimes they take years for you to realize. But if you don’t persist through those hard times, you’ll never grow.

  2. I love your closing quote “Happiness is the constant march towards your goals and pushing through adversity and challenges. Happiness is persistence.” It took me years to realize the same. Whether I’m training for a marathon, trying to solve a problem at work or writing on my blog, I’m happiest when trying to accomplish a difficult goal despite any challenges.

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