How To Start A Blog

Do you want to start a WordPress blog but don’t know where to begin? Are you ready to start writing but you aren’t technically savvy? I launched MyStrategicDollar in April 2017. I used WordPress and Bluehost which are two of the most trusted sites for starting and managing your blog. They also make it super easy to set up for people without much experience.

Before we get started, spend some time thinking about your domain name. A good domain name (mine is is short, full of keywords, targets your audience, is memorable and doesn’t include hyphens or filler words.

Step 1 – Hosting Setup

Hosting is the server space necessary to keep your blog up and running. I recommend using Bluehost because it’s easily the best web hosting platform. It’s been around since 1996 and has created the most dynamic and simple way for hosting your website. Let’s start out by hopping over to Bluehost to activate your FREE domain name and web hosting account.

Click on the Get Started Now Button

Choose Your Plan

I would recommend using the Plus plan. It’s what I use and it comes with a variety of free resources. If you aren’t sure, you can buy the starter package then upgrade later, it’s super easy!

Choose A Domain Name

Now it’s time to select and activate your domain name. What’s a domain name? It’s your website address: mine is . You can choose to enter a domain name that you already own if that’s the case, or you can set up a FREE domain name through this exclusive link. If you already have a domain name, use the “transfer domain” section, otherwise use the “new domain” section.

Enter Your Account/Contact Information

Here you are going to enter your contact information for your new domain and web hosting account. Keep in mind that the information you use here, including you email address, is what your account will be associated with. This means all communication will be sent to the email address you enter here, so make sure it’s an active and often checked one.

Choose A Hosting Package

When choosing a package, note that the longer your plan the cheaper rate you will receive. In order to receive the cheapest rate through my exclusive link, you should choose the 36 month option. You won’t actually be paying per month, Bluehost requires a one-time payment for the term that you choose so keep that in mind.

I wouldn’t bother with any of the additional packages with the exception for Domain Privacy Protection. This ensures that your personal information like phone number, address and email are protected.

Congratulations! You’re now the new owner of your own website! Hopefully what is now a small atom of the internet will bring you happiness and one day maybe financial freedom!

Step 2: WordPress Setup

Since Bluehost and WordPress have a working relationship, setting up your WordPress is as easy as One-Click (kinda)! Log into your Bluehost account > Home then scroll down to the website section and click Install WordPress > Get Started.

Choose Which Domain To Install WordPress On.

From the drop-down, choose your domain then click next.

Advanced Options

Before selecting install now, make sure to into the advanced settings and choose a site name, username and password.

Click Install Now.

After only a minute or so, you should now have a WordPress setup Bluehost blog! Now you’re ready to choose what it’s going to look like.

Step 3: Theme Setup

Themes determine what your website is going to look like. Choosing a good theme is essential to making sure you’re able to set up your blog with the visuals you want. The theme helps you setup pages, posts, background colors, font style, etc. The majority of people I’ve talked to use ThemeForrest to find and buy their theme. That’s where I purchased mine as well. There are plenty of free themes out there, but I highly recommend buying a theme. Not only are they more dynamic in functionality they come with some sort of customer support so if you have any issues or questions, you have a resource to ask.

After you’ve chosen your theme, you need to install it onto WordPress. Log in as an admin on your WordPress account:

Go to Appearance > Themes

In the top left, click Add New.

You can either Upload Theme if you purchased it on another site then downloaded it. Or you can search for theme here and install it once you find one. Once your theme has been installed, click Activate. Once you’ve activated your theme you are ready to start setting up your blog and creating content!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards realizing the earning potential of blogging! If you have any questions, please contact me! I’m happy to help!

-My Strategic Dollar