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Two Day Flash Sale on US City Sports Betting Domains

Hey gambling domain enthusiasts and collectors! It’s your lucky day. We are running a flash sale for two days on all US City sports betting domains listed here at Premium Gambling Domains!

All domains (owned by us — not brokered) in this category are 50-75% off and listed now in the MID 3 FIGURE range. A bunch of steals here if you want to focus on a betting site for a city.

US City Sports Betting Domains For Sale

You can navigate here to see the entire list of US City betting domains.

This gambling domain flash sale ends Friday at midnight EST. You can BUY directly from the store, or make an offer I can’t resist via the “Make Offer” or the chat in the bottom right.

More discounts available if you’d like to package up multiple of the US City domains.

Free Content Along With Domain Purchases

All domain purchases at PGD also receive a free 1500+ word SEO article along with 8 “blog/news” articles (written by the Knup Solutions gambling content team) to get your new site off on the right foot.

Knup Solutions is our parent company and made up of 50+ writers that focus on creating high quality iGaming content at a reasonable rate.

Purpose of US City Sports Betting Domains

One might have many reasons to acquire a USA City specific betting domain name. Let’s list a few:

Create an affiliate site — affiliate marketing is a hot space in sports betting. Affiliates in legal US betting states are making anywhere from $250 to $1,000 per qualified player they send to a sportsbook. Imagine cornering the market in one of these big cities by creating a site that ranks well for that city? Goldmine!Hold Hold Hold — we are still in the early phases of legalizing sports betting in the US. It’s my assumption that in 5 years, there will be a high demand for these types of domain names. If you buy in the hundreds, hold 5 years, you likely will be selling in the thousands or tens of thousands.Re-Sell to Investors or Sportsbooks — there are players with deep pockets that may be interested in buying a domain like this. If you have those connections, you can make a “quick flip” and make some cash here.Operate a Sportsbook — might take some work, but sportsbook operators may want to run on a specific name like “”. Make it THE PLACE for Houston sports bettors to wager on sports. Will take some work on the licensing side but it’s an option and great domains to start a project like that.

Other Sales at PGD

This is the first “flash sale” that we have ran here at PGD. Who knows how many more we will run? But starting Saturday, the US city domains go back up to regular price.

If you have ANY interest at all in a domain sitting inside this collection — snag it NOW before the price goes back to mid four figures.

We do intend to offer other flash sales from time to time, but they will be in different categories each time. For instance, we may run a full esports domains sale or an odds domains sale next time around.

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Author: John Flores