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Each week, I scavenge the interwebs in search of awesome content. My weekly reading roundup is a compilation of my favorite content from the previous week. This content inspires me to continue the grind and move forward both in my personal finance goals and with this blog. Additionally, I hope these posts provide perspective to all my readers that financial freedom is possible. 

Here’s a round-up of my favorite posts:

My Money Wizard

Recent Post: Get Rich by Building Your Own Nuclear Triad of Income

added income sources will help you build wealth faster but AND make you more resilient to factors out of your controlClick To Tweet

MMW describes in a very political way the importance of diversifying your income streams. I’ve heard MANY people talk about the need to bring in income from more than one source, but NEVER have I heard a more relatable explanation on why it’s important.

Budgets Are Sexy

Recent Post: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Money and Quit My Job

picking up the phone to tell my boss the bad news was one of the most difficult calls I’ve ever made.Click To Tweet

As part of the weekly 1500 Days post series, Mr. 1500 Days talks about his life after FIRE. It’s an interesting and inspiring read because he’s literally done what the majority of FIRE bloggers want to do – grow their income, decrease their expense & aggressively invest whatever is left over. One point hit incredibly close to home – the outlining of One More Dollar/Year Syndrome. I’m the type of person that almost always wants more of what I’m after. It’ll be interesting to see how I develop that mindset in the future.

I Saved 5K

Recent Post: Everyday Personal Finance Concepts

Every day, we go to work, we earn an income, we save for the future and we pay our bills and income tax.Click To Tweet

Leo touches on a variety of personal finance basics. He describes elements on personal finance that every person should know regardless of their financial situation. In fact, understanding the topics in this article and learning to adjust your lifestyle is a surefire way to improve your financial position.

Zero Day Finance

Recent Post: Save Thousands of Dollars when Buying a New Car

The average new car price is $33,560. Car loans used to be 36-48 months, now 60-72.Click To Tweet

David at Zero Day Finances does a fantastic job outlining a reasonable method for setting a vehicle purchase price, how to know what you want & the process for negotiating via email instead of in person. If you’re in the market for a new car, check this article out.

Mustard Seed Money

Recent Post: Common Investing Mistakes To Avoid

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Trying to decide what to invest in, who to listen to, when to buy or when to sell can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming for new investors. I know that I certainly went through a “discovery phase” trying to understand who to listen to, what to buy, how to know when to buy or sell, etc. I’ve read several investing books that have helped me form my own opinions.


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What blog posts have you enjoyed recently? Let us know by commenting the link below!

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